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Organisation Unlimited exists to make lives, both corporate and personal, more manageable by offering a wide range of PA and concierge services.

A personal or business concierge is your lifestyle saviour.  Busy families, individuals and businesses regularly call upon us to deliver effective and efficient solutions to their projects, errands and chores.

In this digital age, everybody is becoming increasingly time-starved do you need someone to take care of 'all that stuff'?

  • Do you need to become more organised?
  • Do you need someone to take care of your chores?
  • What do you require in order that both your business and personal obligations are met?

Are you looking for:-

  • An Events Organiser
  • eg: From small, intimate personal parties to large public audience events
  • A Business Concierge - also known as a Virtual Assistant
    eg: Research, data analysis, presentation formatting, filing organisation, data entry and audio typing
  • A Lifestyle Planner
    eg: Travel research and planning, relocation assistance, locating hard to find items and personal shopping
  • Help with your home
    eg: Storage solutions, arranging specialist repairs, property management and refurbishment

We enable you to have more time, better control and much-needed assistance whilst boosting your productivity, reducing the pressure of your day to day life and putting you back in control of your life. Our experts are dedicated to meeting your requirements.

Organisation Unlimited offers a safe and supportive environment to enable businesses and individuals to balance the demands of work and personal commitments allowing them the opportunity to focus on their goals. We provide solutions, are lateral and creative thinkers, maintain a sense of urgency, attention to detail and always see a project through to the end ensuring you are able to do be as productive as possible.

Whether it be a regular or ad-hoc arrangement, we fulfil your requirements whilst seamlessly fitting conveniently into your schedule and your budget without the constraints of payroll, benefits and recruiting.  We empower our clients by providing administrative and operational assistance and also bring valuable discounts on a range of time management products and services.

5 reasons you need Organisation Unlimited to make your life more manageable:

  1. You’re overwhelmed by your work or home life load.
  2. You're not focusing on what you really need or want to do.
  3. You want to be more productive and less stressed
  4. You need help but can’t afford someone full time
  5. You need more time in your life