Don't get bogged down in all the weighty details of your business to the detriment of the essentials.


Organisation Unlimited offers a Virtual Assistant service, enabling you to outsource your administrative tasks which will give you the flexibility to have the support you require, when and where you require it without being tied to set hours and geography or the crippling costs and legal constraints of being an employer. 

We cover a range of tasks including:-

  • Meeting and event planning and management
  • Travel planning and booking
  • Diary and calendar and email management
  • Presentation, report, documentation, spreadsheet and template creation
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Presentation preparation
  • Audio transcription and copy typing
  • Personal errands, shopping and reminder services

Organisation Unlimited tailors their service to suit you, whether sending a to-do list, a report, a letter, or a list of instructions or sound files you are able to deliver what you want, when you want with confidence and assurance.

A business concierge allows you to concentrate on exactly that, business.  Studies show that 75% of employees manage personal tasks at work. By offering business concierge services the personal necessities and errands of your staff can be taken care of by Organisation Unlimited, allowing your staff more time to concentrate on what they are employed to do: your business, not theirs.

From buying stamps and posting items at the local Post Office to personally couriering them to another country for signature and return in a 24 hour window, Organisation Unlimited can take care of all your business needs.  We offer a presentable and efficient service which we can guarantee will represent your business in the finest of lights as we work with you to enable you to offer a seamless service.

Why delegate and why to a Virtual Assistant?

Many people running SMEs can find it hard to delegate - often the thought is that it is quicker to do it yourself than train someone to do it for you.  Everybody running a business can empathise with this but delegation is a key factor to success.  Delegation is important for efficiency as well as development of both the business and yourself. 

Delegation improves efficiency when it allows work to be transferred to people whose skills are a better match for the work. This then allows you the time and effort needed to plan for your business’s next move. Good delegation empowers organisations, shows effective leadership and reduces stress.

In outsourcing your administrative requirements to a Virtual Assistant you remove your business from the horrors of employment legalities and financial commitments; NI contributions, holiday pay, sick pay, pension auto enrolment, maternity pay – the list goes on.  You have all the benefits of a PA but you only pay for the hours that you use – and not a penny more, allowing you to focus on the fee-earning activities of your business.


A few of the companies who benefit from the services of Organisation Unlimited are listed here, along with a video which was compiled by students who benefited from the High Sheriff's Challenge 2014/2015 which was event managed by Organisation Unlimited.


Click on this link to see a Linked In article from James Caan on how a Virtual Assistant can save you 10 hours a week.