Food – The Big Freeze starts now!

Got your Christmas cards done? Your present list sorted? All in hand......good. 

What about your food though...... 

  • Do you have enough set by for drop-ins, drinks parties and general family feeding?
  • Are you going to leave everything until the last minute, braving the supermarket queues for those who seem to think the end of the world is nigh come Christmas time? 

What's in your freezer? 

Do you have a freezer? What’s in it?  Any space?  Why not?   

I am constantly surprised by all the full freezers I come across in the houses I visit, yet the food in them is never eaten.   

Which is surprising as winter is the perfect time of year for freezer food. Christmas even more so.

Set aside a day for cooking and think of all the things you might need and the rough numbers of people you will be serving.  Most importantly, take a look in your freezer at all the meat and game and such like that you have put in it over the course of the year.  Defrost it and create something wonderful to be enjoyed by all - that includes you!  Curries, casseroles and tagines all freeze beautifully and often taste better second time round as the flavours have more time to combine.  So cook it up, freeze it then defrost and reheat for a simply delicious supper with friends - just add rice and peas or a baked potato.

Love party food?  use your leftovers to make mini quiches and tartlets, use filo pastry for the cases, it is quick, ready made, light and versatile.  Turn left over mince into meatballs.  Use left over fish or chicken to make yummy little fish cakes and chicken balls. All of these things can be frozen making throwing a party, less stressful and cheaper.

Puddings freeze brilliantly - particularly winter styled ones.  the more fat a dish has in it, the better it will freeze so chocolate roulade was born to be frozen!  So many dishes can be useful in your freezer.  have you thought about putting your stewed fruit in and your crumble topping in the freezer only separately?  The smaller the portions that you freeze things in the more versatile they are. That way if there are 4 of you for dinner you can defrost one or 2 portions or if there are much larger numbers the whole lot.  

So, whether you prefer to do it all yourself or don't mind calling someone in to help fill your freezer ( is at hand!) a little thought into what you might need food-wise prior to the party onslaught will do wonders for your stress levels..... pass me that G&T!