‘Everybody needs an Ella!’ is something uttered by many of Ella’s clients over the years.

A quote from a recent Daily Mail on-line article nicely summed up the paradox many of us face today, “Our lives move at such a fast pace - being stuck in a traffic jam is a chance to make a quick phone call, travelling home on the train is a chance to compile the shopping list and the lunch break is a chance to pop to the bank or return an item to the shops.” Despite computers, smartphones and tablets (the electronic kind!), which should all be labour saving devices, we are busier now than we have ever been. Being able to delegate to a virtual assistant can be life changing – releasing time for family, friends, or even oneself.

Ella, originally born in South Oxfordshire where she’d later settle, enjoyed school life in Scotland, followed by college in London where she started her working life and set about carving out a career that allows her to indulge in her passions: cooking, travelling, entertaining and organising.  

Two decades on, she has travelled extensively, working her way round the world expanding and extending her skills and contacts before eventually being drawn back to South Oxfordshire where she has set up Organisation Unlimited and lives with her baby elephant – a blue Staffordshire bull terrier called Indigo!

Ella’s early career as a PA for board level directors in the property industry quickly thrust her into a world of corporate entertaining and the organisation of not only day-to-day business life, but also the inevitable assisting of private lives too – all of which honed her natural interpersonal skills and provided her with a wealth of contacts that she is still able to call upon for clients today.

Ella’s love of cooking was sparked by her love of food!  Back in her earlier London days with little spare cash to eat out she set about teaching herself to cook so she could treat herself and her friends and family to gastronomic delights from the comfort of her own home. This inspired Ella to offer to cook for people so that they could ‘Eat out in the comfort of your own home’ further extending her repertoire.  Her travels around the world have influenced her tastes and skills over the years and still translates into the dishes she creates today.
In 2009 Ella created her own brand of lifestyle concierge services which combine all of these talents with a sensitivity for discretion and confidentiality – a combination which has led to client satisfaction and her success today. 

The thing she loves about her job?  ‘I love the variety and thrive on multi-tasking, the more obscure a task the better!’

The nicest thing a client has ever said to Ella? Many a compliment – and the occasional proposal of marriage – has been bestowed upon her…especially when sampling her amazing canapes! But all Ella really wants is to do her job well and please her clients, “My clients are lovely and I’m a very simple person really. I just like it when someone says ‘Thank You’ and you can tell they really mean it.”

Ella’s talent for organisation is truly unlimited.  Be it a requirement for virtual assistance in a business environment or the arrangement of events, for guidance and assistance in bringing your life into control and creating an orderly environment or locating hard to find items, Ella is your go-to-girl.  Have your own on-call dedicated personal concierge who can help you as and when you require it.  

Experience, dedication and attention to detail all come as standard – it’s true:  EVERYBODY NEEDS AN ELLA!

Lisa Di Cuffa
Marketing Director
Organisation Unlimited – making life more manageable

01491 200435