Whether you are looking for a venue, planning an event or are interested in becoming an event location the details and organisation of each can be complicated and time consuming.

Becoming a venue
Venue sourcing

Family parties and dinners
Wedding planning
 Corporate team building
Events involving VIP guests

Let Organisation Unlimited help with the mundane and minutiae.  From intimate dinners for 2 to large events for 200+, we work alongside a trusted group of professionals catering to your every need from conception to execution. 

Entertaining at home

Organisation Unlimited can provide you with a PIY meal (PRETEND IT'S YOURS) or, your own private chef with a menu customised for you, your tastes and dietary needs as well as those of your guests.  Our excellent 'Kitchen Fairies' serve, clear and clean, leaving you to enjoy your dinner and enjoy the atmosphere of eating out in the comfort of your own home.


Thinking of diversifying?  The different licences and permissions involved in becoming a venue can be a minefield. Organisation Unlimited can manage your position and guide you through the process smoothly, ensuring you have the venue licence you require and the information at your fingertips for all possible enquiries.


It is said that the most stressful thing a bride can do is organise her own wedding. Release the stress but maintain the fun and control - we will assist and advise on venues, numbers, guest lists, invites, florists and favours.  Organisation Unlimited offers a go-to service for the parts of your wedding that you would like externally managed, be it one section or the whole event.


Team building really does help you engage your work-force, learn new skills, communicate better and identify strengths and weaknesses. In order to create a more motivational and productive environment you must engage the 'team' and choosing the right activity in the right location is key.


'Manners maketh man' but even the best manners can be the wrong protocol. Do you know who should: Sit to the host's right hand side? Enter a room first? Speak first?  Organisation Unlimited can ease the way so that the best of intentions are not misinterpreted or misrepresented. If you are you hosting an occasion which will have attendance from VIP guests having worked as PA to a Lord-Lieutenant, Ella Pickard, founder of Organisation Unlimited, is well placed to advise on and liaise with you on your event to ensure that civic, royal and VIP protocol is upheld.

Wow your guests
Inspire your audience
Cultivate a shared sense of purpose
Make an indelible impression
Enjoy your friends and family

At a time in which the very fabric of society seems in the process of being re-woven, the act of bringing people together for networking, fellowship, education or entertainment is taking on a deeper meaning.

Did you know?

  • Les Terrasses Bleues is a secret French dining experience, where the only requirement is to dress in blue.  It is attended by 1200 people each month.
  • The wedding veil comes to us from ancient Greece and Rome, where brides wore them to protect themselves from evil spirits.