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Drink Definition of Drink by Merriam-Webster.
2020 On National Coffee Day, Starbucks Rewards members who order a grande or larger handcrafted beverage by using the order ahead and pay feature in the Starbucks app will receive a free drink loaded to their account for use on their next visit.
drink Wiktionary.
Cognate with West Frisian drinke to drink, Low German drinken to drink, Dutch drinken to drink, German trinken to drink, Danish and Norwegian Bokmål drikke to drink, Norwegian Nynorsk drikka to drink. drink third-person singular simple present drinks, present participle drinking, simple past drank or southern US drunk or nonstandard drinked, past participle drunk or informal drank or nonstandard drinked or obsolete or dialectal drunken or obsolete or nonstandard dranken.
Drink Wikipedia.
For example, a small alcoholic drink or a cup of warm milk can supposedly promote a good night's' sleep. Today, most nightcaps and relaxation drinks are generally non-alcoholic beverages containing calming ingredients. They are considered beverages which serve to relax a person.
DRINK meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Would" you like a glass of wine" No" thanks, I don't' drink." I didn't' drink at all while I was pregnant. It's' a classic case of the bored-housewife syndrome she's' got nothing to do all day except drink and go shopping.

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