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after a 1978 mass suicide in Guyana brought about when members of the Peoples Temple cult were ordered to consume a flavored drink mixed with cyanide: to comply unquestioningly with the demands or policies of a particular leader, ideology, or organization.
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drink Wiktionary.
From Middle English drynken, from Old English drincan to drink, swallow up, engulf, from Proto-Germanic drinkan to drink, of uncertain origin; possibly from Proto-Indo-European dren to draw into one's' mouth, sip, gulp, nasalised variant of dre to draw, glide. Cognate with West Frisian drinke to drink, Low German drinken to drink, Dutch drinken to drink, German trinken to drink, Danish and Norwegian Bokmål drikke to drink, Norwegian Nynorsk drikka to drink.
Drink Wikipedia.
The term drink" is theoretically neutral, but often is used in a way that suggests alcoholic content. Drinks such as soda pop, sparkling water, iced tea, lemonade, root beer, fruit punch, milk, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, milkshakes, and tap water and energy drinks are all soft drinks.
DRINK meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Would" you like a glass of wine" No" thanks, I don't' drink." I didn't' drink at all while I was pregnant. It's' a classic case of the bored-housewife syndrome she's' got nothing to do all day except drink and go shopping.

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